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Why Eastern Europe is the Best Place to Hire Your Remote Team

I know it’s said a lot, but… oh, how times change! Just a few short years ago, we all commuted into work, probably every working day, and certainly lived in the same country as our workplace.

Now? The world is our oyster! Work from anywhere, for anyone, in potentially any time zone! And while the concept of a virtual assistant for online businesses was about long before the dreaded C-word pandemic, now they go together like bread and butter – delicious!

Here at SourcingVA, we work hard to get the perfect remote team for you and your needs – think of us as your talent fairy godmothers! The trouble is, when the world is your oyster, the sheer amount of choice can be hugely overwhelming and you can struggle to even know where to start. Not all too dissimilar to me when I’m trying to choose which chocolate bar to buy!

That’s exactly why I wanted to write this quick article to help direct your searching – and my suggestion is to look in the beautiful Balkan paradise that is Eastern Europe. If you’re an Amazon seller working in online arbitrage looking for wholesale VA, then I’m confident hiring a VA from Eastern Europe will work perfectly for you. Likewise, if you are a medium size business looking for a fully remote sales, admin, customer service, IT staff, same advice applies. Let me explain why!

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Team from Eastern Europe

  1. Language
    This one might be obvious, but let me say it anyway – your life is going to be so much easier if your team can speak fluent English! And while having a good grasp of English is not limited to the East of Europe, those in the Balkans tend to have a good grasp of a range of other languages as well, such as Arabic and Slavic-based ones. A hugely valuable trait for a remote workforce!
  2. Time Zone While hiring a remote team from the whole other side of the world may have financial benefits, it’s going to cost you way more than you think if your new worker can only reply to you once you’ve already switched the lights out for bed. Eastern Europe is only one or two hours ahead of the UK so your team can be available whenever you need them during the working day!
  3. Culture Geographically, Eastern Europe sits right on the border of Asia which means the people of the Balkan countries often have a great understanding of cultural norms from both the West and the East of the world. Similar to the language skills, this can be of great use to you if you work with and across various countries. And think of all the cool and interesting facts you’ll pick up while working with them!
  4. Diversity This is a tale as old as time, but having a diverse workforce does nothing but great things for your company! Getting different perspectives and points of view is invaluable, especially when it comes to bringing forward ideas that you might not have even considered yet. A diverse group of staff means increased creativity and opinions, and ultimately can lead to a much more unique workplace.
  5. Cost While the complexities of currencies and exchange rates change regularly, there is one thing that is fairly certain: the exchange rate between the UK’s pound/US’s dollar and Eastern European countries’ various currencies remains favourable to the UK/US. That means if you hire someone from an Eastern European country, not only can you save money yourself, but you can also pay your remote team a great wage in their country! It can be so difficult when you feel you can’t pay someone fairly, so hiring from abroad can fix that issue right away!

And There’s More…
Other things you can be certain of when hiring from Eastern European countries is that your new team will be qualified, skilful, and professional. Three very sought after things. Don’t forget – you’re hiring a team to make your life easier here, not to add to your workload.

You want to ensure that the person you hire has a good understanding of the basics in the world of technology and operating systems. And that’s pretty much guaranteed when you hire from Eastern Europe! The universities within the Balkan countries offer high level skills and qualifications that match those in the UK, and the culture is one of learning, and – crucially – doing the job well! What more could you want!

Let’s Find You an Eastern European Remote Staff Today!
As you can see, there are so many benefits to hiring from abroad, and specifically from Eastern Europe. And we haven’t even touched on the incredible food and recipes you might be lucky enough to be sent if you become friendly with your new team!

Expanding your reach and growing your team is a great way of building your business and we’re here to help you do exactly that! Get in touch now for more information on how you can take the first step in hiring your Eastern European team today!

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