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I got my second VA from SourcingVA
Anna has been so helpful, kind and understanding. Nothing is too much trouble. She really wants you to do well and she wants to see your business grow, which mine has. Now I got another VA from SourcingVA. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this.
Geraldine H | Amazon Seller
Grow Your Amazon Business with a Help Of Done-For-You Service

Thousands of Amazon OA sellers have hired a manual sourcing virtual assistant. With a VA from us you also get everything you need, from contracts to IT setup.

Does your business need a virtual assistant?
Online Arbitrage is TIME consuming
We think that the greatest problem with Online Arbitrage is having the TIME to find great DEALS.

Spend less time LOOKING for deals and more time enjoying your life. Let SourcingVA HELP you find the BEST deals without all the hassle.

Do you have time to SOURCE all day?

SourcingVA can HELP

With one click, you have ACCESS to the best manual sourcing VAs in the world.

TIME is MONEY. Let your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT help you FIND the best deals so you can FOCUS on what you’re good at – SELLING!

Our VAs are Trained at Foundation Level to Skilfully Work for and With You Every Day.

Let SourcingVA help you find the best deals without all the hassle.

What Type of Virtual Assistant Could You Get?

We give you Manual Sourcing VA, Wholesale VA and Administration VA. These are the most common types we connect you with. All of our VAs are foundation trained in manual sourcing, and have an array of other skills. We match you with the VA that best suits your needs.

Sourcing VA

  • Delivering profitable products
  • Understanding seller KPIs
  • Understanding Keepa
  • Using BBP, SAS etc
  • Using manual sourcing, reverse sourcing, Amazon flips, store stalking, subscriptions, voucher sites etc.

£529 / service fee

Wholesale VA

  • Reviewing product lines
  • Opening new accounts
  • Brainstorming products

£529/ service fee

Administration VA

  • Communicating with customers
  • Removing bad feedback
  • Creating, reconciling shipments
  • Chasing invoices

£529 /service fee

We help sellers WIN on Amazon!
Ryan Edmonds

The initial call with SourcingVA answered all of my questions and concerns.

Martina S​

I enjoyed interviewing the candidates and it was easy for me to decide who was the right virtual assistant for me. 

Charlie F​

Anna matched me with my new VA after meeting me, providing a very personal service. My VA has worked so hard since starting with me – she’s in contact with me every day and there hasn’t been a day since she’s started that I haven’t made an order from her leads. 

Alison Hill

We are doing well. Yes, had been busy since I had my baby but to be honest my VA has been really a star. She’s been sourcing even if I am unable to get in touch with her at times. Definitely you found a perfect match for me and my busy life. ☺️

I would not be able to sustain my business during this time without her.

John S

I just wanted to
Give some feedback on my VA! A lot of the things I brought of her deals have sold quite well.

Just letting you know. 




Absolute care and diligence was taken in terms of finding the right person for us. The hiring process was absolutely seamless.

Tremendous support is provided at every time in terms of how to manage and set up your VA properly. Detailed information is provided in terms of getting things together; also bespoke training is provided which is unlike another service I have come across. 

We build products and services
to help your Amazon business succeed

We take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.

Virtual Assistant Introduction Service: Virtual Assistant – Standard Agency Fee


One-off service fee that includes:

Your own Virtual Assistant

1 hour FREE Consultation

VA Contract and NDA (worth £15)

Deal Sheet (worth £29)

eBook: How to find, hire and work with a virtual assistant (worth £19)

Team Calls

Exciting Mystery Bonuses

10% off your next VA service fee

Amazon Seller Pro Membership

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with SourcingVA now

If you need to speak to us, book your FREE Consultation call now. We’re excited to help you run your business! We have everything you need, from contracts to IT setup.