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Are you tired of dealing with the high costs and headaches of hiring local staff? Look no further.

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Unbeatable Cost-effective Quality

Our Eastern European virtual assistants (VAs) are highly educated, efficient, proactive, and team players – and they offer high-quality work at a more affordable rate compared to local hires. Plus, their work culture aligns with Western norms, making communication and collaboration a breeze. See the video to discover the benefits of hiring Eastern European VA.

Elevate Your Business

Vetted and Managed Virtual Assistants.

We don’t just supply you with VAs and call it a day. We take the time to vet and qualify the best candidates for your business, and can even manage them for you on a month-to-month or ongoing subscription basis.

Check out how clients in various industries have thrived with virtual assistance.


Virtual Assistant Solution for E-commerce Expansion and Customer satisfaction.

One of our clients was struggling to keep up with the demands of their fast-growing online store. We supplied them with a team of VAs skilled in product research and listing, customer service, and social media management. As a result, they were able to expand their product line and improve customer satisfaction without breaking the bank.


Consulting Success with Technical Virtual Assistants.

Many businesses in the consulting industry have found success with virtual assistants who possess technical skills as well as a background in their specific field. These VAs can provide valuable support for research and data analysis, allowing the team to take on more projects and clients.

Real Estate

Real EstateBoost with Virtual Assistants.

Virtual assistants can also be incredibly beneficial for businesses in the real estate industry, particularly when it comes to handling administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing CRM, and creating marketing materials. This can free up valuable time for real estate agents to focus on what they do best, closing deals.

See what our customers have to say…

The initial call with SourcingVA answered all of my questions and concerns.
Ryan Edmonds
Trustworthy, reliable & highly dedicated professional service that goes above and beyond. Highly recommended!
Marie Garibay​
I have experienced a high quality service from Sourcing VA. Meetings were set up promptly and efficiently. 
Clarence Harris​
I got my second VA from SourcingVA
Anna has been so helpful, kind and understanding. Nothing is too much trouble. She really wants you to do well and she wants to see your business grow, which mine has. Now I got another VA from SourcingVA. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this.
Geraldine H |
I enjoyed interviewing the candidates and it was easy for me to decide who was the right virtual assistant for me.
Martina S​
Anna matched me with my new VA after meeting me, providing a very personal service. My VA has worked so hard since starting with me – she’s in contact with me every day and there hasn’t been a day since she’s started that I haven’t made an order from her leads.
Charlie F​
We are doing well. Yes, had been busy since I had my baby but to be honest my VA has been really a star. She’s been sourcing even if I am unable to get in touch with her at times. Definitely you found a perfect match for me and my busy life. 
I would not be able to sustain my business during this time without her.
Alison Hill
I just wanted to
Give some feedback on my VA! A lot of the things I brought of her deals have sold quite well.
Just letting you know.
John S
Absolute care and diligence was taken in terms of finding the right person for us. The hiring process was absolutely seamless.
Tremendous support is provided at every time in terms of how to manage and set up your VA properly. Detailed information is provided in terms of getting things together; also bespoke training is provided which is unlike another service I have come across.
The whole process was very smooth and easy. Anna and I talked about what I wanted in a VA and then introduced me to two potential VA’s to start with saying if neither suited she would introduce me to more, but I knew when we spoke that the first one would be the one and I felt that Anna knew that she would be right as well. We then had 4 weekly Zoom calls with the VA discussing how the previous weeks had gone and what was working and what wasn’t – deal wise. Overall I was very happy with the way things went and certainly very happy with my new VA.
Simon H
Seamless and straightforward process.
Personalized attention and discussion.
Overall satisfaction with the new virtual assistant.
European virtual assistant with excellent experience.
Regular weekly Zoom calls to review progress and make adjustments.
Two potential virtual assistants presented.
Happy with the way things went.
Simon C
SourcingVA provides exceptional customer service, starting with post-sale care and ongoing attention to customer satisfaction. The personalized support and advice during the first month of working with us was invaluable, as was the thorough recruitment and selection process. We are dedicated to making the outsourcing experience as smooth and successful as possible
Veronica H
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Unlock the Potential of Virtual Staffing for Your Business

Are you tired of the cost and hassle of hiring local staff? Our virtual staffing services can help your business thrive and reach new heights. And the best part? We’re currently offering a 1-month FREE trial for qualified businesses.

Benefits of our virtual staffing services include:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Access to a wider pool of highly skilled professionals
  • Cost savings on office space and equipment
  • Flexibility to scale up or down as needed

Don’t let the cost and hassle of hiring local staff hold you back any longer.